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How many ridges around a quarter?


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Make some assumptions:
1. the circumference of a quarter is ___ inches.
2. the average ridge is 0.__ inches wide.
3. do the math.

Gil on 30-Dec-2010

4. If you go around the face of the quarter, you'll pass 4 ridges.

Tom M on 30-Dec-2010

Count the troughs. There will be an equal number of ridges.

Ed C on 31-Dec-2010

Enough to go all the way around!

nb on 04-Jan-2011

None of the ridges on a quarter go around it. All of the ridges on a quarter are orthogonal to the plane of the faces.

Jon A on 04-Jan-2011

119 on a quarter and 118 on a dime

i looked it up :)

Steve on 11-Jan-2011

Jon A. was on the right track. There are only 2 ridges which "go around" a quarter...the top ridge (heads side) and bottom ridge (tails)!

Dan B. on 11-Jan-2011

2 - one around the top and one around the bottom.

Mark on 11-Jan-2011

Work for someone else

hmm on 11-Jan-2011

I don't know...let's count them.

John on 11-Jan-2011

Just dip in ink and make it roll on a piece of paper, then count!

Phil on 12-Jan-2011

Who cares.

Diane on 12-Jan-2011

So what is the correct answer? I am persuaded by Dan B. and Jon A. that the answer to this question is "2" --

AND SHOULD ONE ASSUME, such a trick, or a tricky, question during a job interview, that the answer ought to be calculable right then and there? If so, common sense dictates that the answer in this case does NOT involve counting individual ridges positioned orthagonally to the face of the coin....

p.s. I have not searched elsewhere for an answer but rather am restricting my wondering to this site.

placebo on 16-Jan-2011

oops - this sentence should have started -

"AND SHOULD ONE ASSUME, for such a trick, or tricky, question..."

placebo on 16-Jan-2011

looks like Steve got the job cuz he looked it up!

trent on 17-Jun-2011

Phil had a very clever answer that interviewers would love.

Jason on 22-Nov-2011

Twice as many there are along 1/2 the coin's circumference.

Alan on 28-Jan-2013

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