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“"estimate te total amount of data traffic in a railwaystation"”

“i have a gun in each hand, one with 3 bullets and other with 2. i fire them together at you, what is the probability that you die?”

“The most surprising part was that i was even asked questions about the basic electronics in the interview round as my branch was ECE...”

“How'll you find the weight of an object attached to another object without detaching them and without using any weighing machines. Both the weights are unknown”

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“Are you ready to join immediately? As in the very next day?”

“Estimating the revenue of Mc donald's in Delhi?”

“1st case study was about number of glucometers sold in india”

“As I am a Stats based student, I was asked some questions based on statistics. I think they look for smart and honest answers, and give weight to our way of thinking. The most difficult question I…”

“Some maths questions and Situation based questions with Client, as to check how would you be able to deal with some situations when handling a team.”

“Creativity test.Why on earth you need to be creative when you are applying for a analytics job.What is required is probably good aptitude test with perhaps good programming skills.To some extent case…”

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