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“Gave a Situation of a Fire Burning in company.
3 Options :
a) Run out of the company
b) Save other People
c ) Call fire Service”

Analyst at Berkadia

17 Feb 2014

“Accounts and case studies.”

Analyst at Ford Motor

16 Jun 2012

“How Much is your expectation.”

“They will question your skill set and ask you to prove it. E.g. I mentioned Good Analytic Skills & I was asked what makes me say that I have Good Analytic Skills and was asked to prove”

“What was your role in your project?”

“Describe your projects?”


24 May 2013

“Policies !”

“Role play being a team leader handle the team where you have 5 members and 2 member want leave due to urgent work and you need to get the work done and cant approve the leave for both you can only…”

“Its Compulsory to attend office on Every last Sunday of the month & no extra Benefit or Pay will be offered for that vary gesture.”

“are you interested in field work?”

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