Mechanical Interview Questions

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“Where do you find yourself after 5 years”

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11 Sep 2013

“I was a mechanical student... So they ask basic HVAC and Pump questions...
Mainly on Pumps”

“if a fridge is kept open through out the night, it would be coller ot hotter to the temp if the firdge was not in the room”

“How do you design a pump system?”

“Forces acting/ responsible for a plane to fly, hydraulic actuators, valves, hydraulic symbols, flight control surfaces, stresses strains etc.”

“Carrom board striker impact related questions, like what is the resilience of the carrom edge material, how much the striker will return back etc.”

“Unexpected question was to explain about hoop stress and longitudinal stress in a solution tank”

“In first round : first introduction and then family background, then Fav. subject (I told Machine Design). The interviewer asked about Gears, Types of them, Places of Application, Draw worm Gear…”

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