Operations Manager Interview Questions

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“If in a room there are 10 persons and if each person has to shake hands with all other then total how many hand shakes will be there”

“There are 27 balls with one ball having additional weight. Total how many attempts you have to make to check all balls using a sisaw”

“If u are running at 10km/hr and anothet person is running st 20km/hr then in which round u both will be at same point”

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“Would you think this organization is suitable for you?”

“Why do you want to change the present company.”

“career aspiration for next 10 years?”

“Why some companies fails in their business?”

“How would you sale power to a defaulting consumer”

“How will I customise the product offering to suit the local needs without changing the product or altering the pricing model at all/”

“Did you face a situation where you had to fire an employee? If so, how did you handle it?”

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