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Aug 20, 2014

Interview Question for Senior Software Engineer at FireEye:

“Detailed concepts on core java, collections, threads, concurrency, servlets & frameworks”

Aug 17, 2014

Interview Question for Project Lead at Honeywell:

“I was asked some basic physics questions”

Aug 11, 2014

Interview Question for Intern at United Technologies:

“types of relays(because iam from electronics background not familiar with electrical stuff)”

Aug 09, 2014

Interview Question for Design Engineer at KritiKal Solutions:

“BLock diagram of a 4 bit adder which can be used as a unit cell to replicate and make 8 bit, 12 bit , 16 bit adder etc.It means that the 4 bit adder if used with another 4 bit adder would become a…”

Aug 02, 2014

Interview Question for Project Manager at KritiKal Solutions:

“make a memory manager in 5 minutes”

Jul 19, 2014

Interview Question for Database Engineer at Honeywell:

“Generally the technical questions are simple and more theoritical. For database engineers, basic query writings skills are tested, along with knowledge on RDBMS concepts, Oracle/SQL Server…”

Jul 02, 2014

Interview Question for Financial Analyst at Honeywell:

“It was very general and into the topic”

Jun 30, 2014

Interview Question for Tech Lead at Honeywell:

“depends on business or person”

Jun 29, 2014

Interview Question for Associate Marketing Specialist at FireEye:

“Many curve ball questions during the F2F interview. Few technical questions regarding the job and the tools used but nothing apart from that. Only suggestion would be to be confident about your tools…”

Jun 26, 2014

Interview Question for Staffing Specialist at Honeywell:

“How would you rate a real attitude of a person”