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Tata Motors

331 reviews


Pros - Autonomy is provided. Fits the profile. Great learning curve given to all employees. You need to make sure you utilise…

Assistant Manager – reviewed 3 days ago


1,001 reviews

Good Business Exposure

Pros - Work culture is cool people are friendly

Business Analyst – reviewed 5 days ago

Interviewing at Amdocs

Candidates are selected on the basis of online technical test, F2F interview and… Read Interview

Jun 01, 2012 in Pune

Interview Question:
Technical online test is difficult. Candidate…

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Interviewing at NCR

written test at NCR is very difficult, technical interview is difficult, Group… Read Interview


Interviewing at NetApp

about 4 to 5 rounds of interview mostly to test your attitude and flexibility The… Read Interview

Sep 01, 2010 in Bangalore

Interview Question:
knowledge about the business of NetApp

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