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Mahindra Satyam

856 reviews

Has been a learning experience

Pros - Nice work environment.Huge client base through out world.

Senior Executive Finance(Band S-2) — reviewed 30+ days ago


1,262 reviews

Good pay but no career growth

Pros - 1. Good Pay and benefits. 2. Good work life balance (in R&D only) 3. Located in nice location 4. Flexible timing and…

Senior Member of Technical Staff – reviewed 2 days ago


8,272 reviews

Good Experience of working culture

Pros - You will get to learn if you this is your 1st Job as you will undergo training at Mysore Campus with lot of facilities…

Test Engineer – reviewed 4 days ago

Interviewing at Computer Sciences Corp

Company came on campus for the selection process 2014.. 1st round was an… Read Interview

Feb 01, 2014 in New Delhi

Interview Question:
most difficult is the 1st round which is combined…

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Interviewing at Tata Consultancy Services

direct interview in campus placement. easy one. basic concepts of c, c++ were asked… Read Interview

Interviewing at Morgan Stanley

We had 6 rounds :- 1st round : 30 MCQ question - 30 Minutes ( sectional cutoff… Read Interview

Jul 01, 2014 in Gāndhīnagar, Gujarat

Interview Question:
Try to sort a file of 200 gb lexically

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