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Samsung Group

761 reviews

It was good, as I see after leaving

Pros - good learning, if you get into a good team. good incentives

Senior Software Engineer — reviewed 30+ days ago


922 reviews

Good Work Culture

Pros - Good Work Culture and facilities

Employee – reviewed 30 days ago


639 reviews

Cool Working CUlture

Pros - Lots of Perks, Latest Technologies, good colleagues

Tools Development Engineer – reviewed 2 days ago

Interviewing at McAfee

Multiple rounds of phone interviews from Sr. leadership team from India and US… Read Interview

Feb 01, 2010 in Bangalore

Interview Question:
Nothing specific. Mostly tried to see the fitment…

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Interviewing at Deutsche Bank

Initial phone interview, followed by one-on-one with hiring manager and a round with… Read Interview

Interviewing at NCR

hiring process is simple and clear. I went through 3 rounds of interview, first… Read Interview

Dec 01, 2012 in Gurgaon, Haryana

Interview Question:
Technical questions from manager whose answer is…

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