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Good Company to work for

Pros - Good Work life balance Good HR policies

Employee — reviewed 1 day ago


1,366 reviews

slow pace working

Pros - no work pressure good overall benefits

Software Engineer – reviewed 16 days ago


8,412 reviews


Pros - Nice experience Good work culture Awesome place

Software Development Engineer — reviewed 8 hours ago

Interviewing at Tata Consultancy Services

1. Company criteria of Minimum aggregate (aggregate of all subjects in all… Read Interview

Interview Question:
They give you various programming ques. Students…

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Interviewing at UnitedHealth Group

interview process was easy they were four rounds of interview 1. face to face… Read Interview

Sep 01, 2014 in Hyderābād

Interviewing at Schneider Electric

Campus recruitment rounds which were mostly focused on technical stuff. I was… Read Interview

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