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What do Education Specialist professionals have to say about their job? Read through 10T Education Specialist reviews for 5T companies.
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Guild EducationGuild Education
Education Coach
11 Jan 2021

“I enjoy my conversations with students and taking those next steps to help Individuals go back to school.”

15 Mar 2021

“Good happy nice friendly good”

12 Feb 2022

“It was healthy and happy working environment”

4 Aug 2021

“I am very happy with the unacademy team and getting job satisfaction here.”

Softlink (Australia)Softlink (Australia)
2 Jun 2022

“Happy customers so makes it fun working here”

16 Feb 2021

“none, I am very happy working here”

Mentone GrammarMentone Grammar
4 Sept 2022

“None, very happy working here”

Top Companies for Education Specialist

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BYJU'S is an Indian multinational educational technology company, headquartered in Bengaluru, India. It was founded in 2011 by Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath - passionate teachers and seasoned educationalists. Over the years BYJU’S has launched highly-effective and engaging learning programs to help students from LKG to class 12 learn better. BYJU’S aims to create new-age, global learning tools and is seated at the cross-section of technology, interactive content, and personalized learning methodologies. The company’s acquisition of Osmo, WhiteHat Jr, Aakash Educational Services Limited, Epic!, Tynker, Great Learning, Gradeup (now named BYJU’S Exam Prep) and GeoGebra has further diversified the fields of study and reach they offer. Through its group companies and its own flagship products, BYJU’S today offers learning solutions and products for learners ranging from pre-k students to adults seeking professional upskilling. With students in over 1,700 cities in India BYJU’S has a team of over 12,000 teachers who cater to them. In addition, they also have content and media experts, technologists, engineers, marketers and academicians who come together to create the state-of-the-art student experience it is known for today.

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Educational Initiatives
Educational Initiatives
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138 Salaries

EI, The Learning Expert, is an ed-tech company that leverages the twin levers of cutting-edge research and technology-based solutions approach to revolutionise how children engaged in the K-12 education space learn. Our vision is to create a world in which children everywhere learn with understanding. Our goal is to reach a multitude of children across different strata of society, irrespective of the kind of education they are receiving today or the curriculum they are following. We achieve this goal by building products that focus on diagnostic assessment and personalised learning. We believe in a scientific approach to conceptualising, designing and building our products. This stems from a dream to discover SCIENCE OF LEARNING that can systematically be made available to teachers. Ei's mission is to build this 'Science of Learning’ that provides teachers a repository of data and techniques that they can use to help children learn better - a big improvement over today's situation where teachers struggle alone to help students learn. Ei's work on assessment and learning has already helped create banks of misconceptions, common student errors and the like and these are being shared as usable insights with teachers. In addition to this trove of insights, our platforms cull relevant and customised intelligence from over a billion data points and deliver content in the form of questions, activities, games and videos to test students and provide explanations, feedback and learning inputs that are useful to students as well as teachers, and is a game-changer. This data treasure is one-of-its-kind in the education industry. To know more about our offerings and programmes, visit:

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4.2 ★
10 Jobs
42 Reviews
23 Salaries

Varthana, started in 2013, is the largest school finance company in India. Varthana aims to meet the needs of affordable private school owners by providing loan capital so they can expand their infrastructure, invest in teacher-training, and introduce new learning methods into their classrooms. We are also one of the fastest growing student loan companies in India helping students to pursue their higher education dreams. Varthana partners with owners of affordable private schools to substantially increase access to quality education in low-income communities. The relationship quite often begins with financial assistance based on a customized cash-flow underwriting model. Access to loan capital remains a central need for the sector. The loans are used for infrastructure, training, new materials and so on. At Varthana we constantly on the lookout for people who can view a problem as a challenge, create a long-term impact and are passionate about bringing about lasting change through their careers. All of us at Varthana value people and relationships above all else. Together, we build strong and positive relationships that are transparent and embedded in trust. We never hesitate to ask questions or seek help from each other and are never ashamed to admit to a mistake, recognizing it instead as a learning opportunity. We learn to put others before ourselves and almost always deliver beyond the expected minimum. While we pour ourselves into our work, we also thrive on adventure and take time to celebrate achievements and recognize contributions.

Highly rated for compensation & benefits

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