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Does Autosoft offer bonus pay?

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28 December 2021


Very competitive base salary and benefits package. Amazing work/life balance. The staff that I interacted with was very talented and easy to work with.


Extremely high turnover across the company. While the market is red hot at the moment, the inability to retain talent is telling. Career growth / advancement opportunities are limited or non-existent and performance evaluations (when they occur) are incredibly informal. Even when they do occur they don't account for much. No formalized raise and/or bonus structure. There is a general lack of ownership & understanding of the product. It isn't uncommon for outage calls to consume 15+ people from most teams trying to determine who owns the problem, steps for resolution, etc. It isn't terrible, but there is a certain level of micromanagement occurring that can be annoying. Teams are extremely siloed and there isn't an effective strategy in place to communicate across the teams for things like over-arching code changes, changes to best practices / patterns, and other things like that. There is a bunch of "old guard" spread out across the organization so making changes to "how things are done here" can be challenging. The company goal is to "grow as big as possible" which isn't very inspiring . Leadership is extremely dialed in to the Glassdoor score and incentivizes staff to post favorable reviews which you can see if you compare the Nov/Dec 2021 reviews to the rest of the reviews in 2021.

Advice to Management

Artificially inflating the Glassdoor score doesn't fix the underlying problems that caused the score to fall in the first place. I think if you focused on some of the items in the negative reviews that have been left, you would see the score increase organically. However if the organization can't afford to do raises and bonuses (as an example), that is ok, but at least be transparent with the staff about it. I don't know how many times I heard from management that 'its being worked on', 'they are coming', or some other similar comment that didn't materialize. If you do decide to implement these programs please make sure the details of the program are black and white and that you do enough analysis to understand if the company can afford it so that you don't have to move the goal posts / cancel the program at the last minute. The snafu with the wellness benefit during the fall is a good example of how a well meaning program can cause so much angst for the staff. I believe that GO has an opportunity in the market, but I am not sure if the company has the correct leadership in place to execute the plan properly. My line manager was fantastic and I always felt that she had my back, but the senior leaders weren't very inspiring during their quarterly calls and I am not sure if they even liked each other. And, at least for the development team, it didn't feel like there was a unifying vision on what a given process should be, how we were going to handle some of the bigger problems, and so on. It felt like a free-for-all between all the teams.

No formalized raise and/or bonus structure.

28 December 2021

Reviewed by: Software Engineer (Former Employee)

1 English review out of 1

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