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24 July 2019

What is the company culture like at Cayuga Centers?


I truly loved to work with everyone at Cayuga Centers. Everyone had such a great attitude towards their work and kept the focus on providing care for the children the program provides support for. They knew that in the grand scheme of things, the mission of the organization was what was most important and all of the staff I forged strong working relationships with never managed to lose sight of that. I loved the IT challenges faced daily working for a non-profit, from maintaining redundancy as well as availability with our data, to making sure everything we did on our network was as secure as possible (we were consistently audited by the state every quarter). We would provide best-effort solutions while providing a foundation to a long term fixes once we would obtain the budgetary flexibility to do so.


- The work culture is extremely toxic. Not the best place to work unless you have the mental strength of Superman. They have a tendency to avoid trying to pay staff overtime wages by overworking their employees during a standard work day enough to cause burnout, which explains why the turnover percentage among employees is extremely high, although they will cite that it's because social work is not for everyone. People don't leave jobs, they leave managers, and the amount of "Former Employee" emails people receive in their inboxes at Cayuga Centers on any given week speaks volumes about the morale. - A lot of the time you'll be focused more on organizational projects than departmental ones that would be a lot more beneficial to the organization as whole. - The organization routinely asks a lot of staff to take on far more work than what they were clearly be capable of taking on, in which a lot of staff go above and beyond to do, and the work is never rewarded or recognized by those who manage. The internal joke with staff was that "You never really volunteer, you're voluntold to do things", which has became commonplace as of this review. - The job has major scope creep, so be aware that eventually what you were originally hired for won't matter, because what you perceive your job to be is entirely different than what management thinks about your role. Some people thrive on challenges, but some thrive more on consistency/stability. - Extremely understaffed. Current employee to computer technician ratio is about 1 technician to every 200 employees. - You will need to get certifications on your own. Cayuga doesn't consider technical certifications under their tuition reimbursement program.

Advice to Management

While it is a very stressful job, you should strive to ensure that the work environment does not pile onto the stress that the employees have to deal with when it comes to working with the children we take in from difficult environments.

- The work culture is extremely toxic.

24 July 2019

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