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4 October 2020

What are co-workers like at ClearView Healthcare Partners?


The junior staff here (Analysts and Consultant) are some of the sharpest, more hard-working, and well-intentioned people you will ever come across. The projects are interesting for the most part and some of the leadership (almost exclusively the transplants) are good to work with. Really wish I had more to say here (if only to have a classic consulting 3-item list) but I'm drawing a total blank.


Given all the reviews that have been logged here in 2020, I didn't feel the need to add more fuel to the fire - but the latest "5-star" review describing ClearView as "Very Supportive" really pushed it over the edge for me. The culture at ClearView is about as supportive as a spider web attempting to hold up a bowling ball. More appropriate adjectives to describe the working environment at ClearView are "judgemental", "isolating", "oppressive", "anxiety-inducing", "inauthentic"...I could keep going but you all get the point. ClearView's industry reputation was built by people who worked there in the 2015-2018 era aka. "The Golden Age of ClearView" - the majority of those people have long since left. ClearView in 2020 is composed of leadership who's goal is to squeeze as much revenue out of their employees as physically possible and a bunch of inexperienced albeit talented staff who receive little to no training, mentorship, or support. Working at ClearView at the Analyst/Consultant level can be utterly demoralizing since you are expected to deliver perfection on unreasonable timelines. You are asked to value work over everything else in your life (friends, family, health) and constantly told that you are not "good enough" and that "this is just what consulting is like". To people who are currently at ClearView, it's NOT you that is the problem, you are NOT the only one that feels this way, and this is NOT what life in consulting looks like (at MBB or other LS boutiques). To the people who are considering applying to ClearView, go for it if you really want to but make sure you are well aware of what you are stepping into. The reason why so many of us write these long glassdoor reviews is that we are aware of what the recruiting teams sells to you and how dissonant that is from reality. A few bad reviews may be "disgruntled employees" but this is miles beyond that.

Advice to Management

I honestly have nothing to say to management. They have shown through their actions over the last 6 - 9 months that nothing at ClearView is going to change.

The junior staff here (Analysts and Consultant) are some of the sharpest, more hard

4 October 2020

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