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31 March 2023


A known brand in India.


Where do I even start? Imagine working for a horrible company. Now multiply that by 1000. No. Try 100000. That is CII. It is run by a group of individuals who think the world is still in 1990 and it is fine to run a company with the rules framed in 1890!!! I worked for one of CII's Centres of Excellence called Green Business Centre in Hyderabad. It is controlled by a mafia - A supreme leader who founded this centre (retired yet actively ruining everyone's life) and his 5 trusted lieutenants. To their credit, they run it like a family, an Italian mafia family. They frame their own rules. Each of the 5 lieutenants has favourites and only they are promoted. The centre was founded in 2003. There are 100 people working in this centre. Out of 100, the top 5 have stayed since 2003, their favourites, some 10, have stayed since 2008-2010 and the rest 85 are just floaters with an average tenure of 1-2 years in the centre. The attrition is so bad that the ex-employees Whatsapp group has more than 250 members!!! They are just bad on many levels. No ethics. The top 5 and their favourites take up all the international trips funded by donors. Personal flights are accounted for under official travel. The rest 85 are grossly underpaid. CII did not revise salary for 2 years during the pandemic, even though the centre did well financially. After the pandemic, the average increment for the employees was 15%. The Top 5 gave themselves a 30% increment. This is why I said no ethics. Someone joining CII will not have company insurance, hospitalisation and medical reimbursement for the first 3 years. No respect for the whole tenure. That is a different matter altogether. Some keywords to describe CII-GBC and its management - are outdated, insecure, gas lighting, demotivators, joy suckers, and doubters. Dementors will look like saints compared to the top 5 of CII-GBC. CII-GBC prides itself to be very choosy in choosing its employees. Actually, it is not the case. The Top 5 will not select candidates whom they think are bright and will challenge them. They are extremely insecure about this. In case they select candidates with good knowledge, they make sure that they are made to feel inadequate and quit within 2 years. There are extremely talented individuals working with the centre now. They are stuck there because of personal issues. In conclusion, CII-GBC is a place where the term toxic workplace loses all meaning. I cannot leave my name here because the Glassdoor algorithm will reject my review. Even if I leave my name, the management is too outdated to even know that there is a platform called Glassdoor where employees leave a review. So I am safe. My advice to someone wanting to work in CII is - Take the job with CII only if you are absolutely desperate. If you take it, then leave within a year. Else you will be sucked into that bottomless pit.

Advice to Management

No use.

Someone joining CII will not have company insurance, hospitalisation and medical reimbursement for the first 3 years.

31 March 2023

Reviewed by: Counsellor in Hyderābād (Former Employee)

1 English review out of 1

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