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22 November 2019

How is management perceived at Divami?


• A few individuals are talented. Working with them has been a pleasure. • There is a scope to learn, but be prepared to put in 10x the efforts compared to anywhere else to obtain the same knowledge.


• Terrible work-life balance People are almost always working late overtime to make ends meet without compensation. The company evaluates your dedication to work primarily based on the number of hours spent in the office, which can put pressure to overextend yourselves to just be acknowledged. Moreover, being sleepless and working late is seen as a sign of machoism which can be intrinsically toxic but still expected from an unwilling employee. • No coherent design process In my opinion, the company has a mathematical approach to solving design challenges, not necessarily always logical or efficient. The core of any design process, brainstorming, ideation and collaboration is simply absent to the point where it hinders a project at later stages resulting in reworks and constant delays. • Poor management No freedom to choose your projects. Poor delegation of work. The issue of communication gap magnifies the chances of reworks which in turn increases the efforts for everyone, the client, company and employee. There is visible micromanagement which further impedes the efficiency of work. The reporting structure is mismanaged. • Poor office environment The office space is too tight and ill-equipped. It's mostly hot inside. Workplace feels more family-run but not professional. Socialising and playing table tennis are seen the only valid forms of taking a break. No breaks if you do anything else because you will receive comments for it eventually. • Office Politics *sigh* • Other 1. Flexible work hours don't really exist due to clockwatching: seniors keep track of your in and out times. 2. Work from home needs approval in advance and is restricted. 3. Work culture does not promote an ease of mind to take entitled leaves. 4. There seem to be no leaders but rather just managers. 5. The direction and vision of the company are hard to find. 6. Upper management has a hard time accepting criticism.

Advice to Management

I believe narcissism is a good quality for a strong leader. It can motivate others to do better when they see an unwavering leader. Although too much of anything can be unhealthy and as such, I hope the upper management understands to treat their employees with more respect and understand boundaries. The relationship needs to be symbiotic.

• Poor management

22 November 2019

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