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10 August 2020

How are senior leaders perceived at Evergreen Packaging?


Competitive pay. Matching 401k contributions. Decent vacation time.


Poor leadership throughout the entire salary structure. Poor employee development. Poor healthcare options. Poor work/life balance.

Advice to Management

Put the right people in the right positions. There are several salary positions that are filled with "technical experts" that have no leadership/management skills. There are jobs that are essential for these people but management may not be the best fit. The change management conducted here is extremely poor. New policy is implemented without much thought at all. At times it seems to be spur of the moment ideas that are quickly turned into policy. They are poorly executed with no guidance and expectations are almost always unrealistic and unachievable. They are initiated with great enthusiasm only to be kicked aside for the next flavor of the month shortly thereafter. This management is destroying moral for both salary and hourly personnel making the culture here toxic. Training is horrendous. There is no standard procedure for training for hourly or salary employees. Every area handles it differently and none do it efficiently. It is a constant struggle to maintain a full roster of personnel that are competent enough to complete daily tasks. Employees are rushed through an unrefined training plan and signed off to a job that they are not fully prepared for. This is putting more responsibility and work on senior members of production, further deflating moral.

Poor leadership throughout the entire salary structure.

10 August 2020

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