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Does GE Power offer sponsored degrees?

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29 May 2018


-Tuition reimbursement: Got my masters through GE -Leadership rotational programs: Lots of great experience in a short amount of time -"Unlimited" vacation: moved to "permissive time off" so you can take any amount off so long as you have managerial approval


-Far too much instability: Leadership changes daily; my direct supervisor has had 4 different bosses in less than 2 years -Lack of fair compensation: GE Power froze all raises this year, and they continue to ask why they can't keep talent? Many employees are already doing 3 jobs because of layoffs, but are not compensated for their hard work. -GE will always protect itself/shareholders first. You have no idea if you will be laid off or have your entire site closed down in order to keep costs low artifically. -GE Power is spread out in several locations, countries, and time zones. It even has two official HQs right now. It's a disaster to have any sort of consistency especially in regards to company culture. Too many aquisitions and divestitures have gutted any semblence of what it means to be GE. -Too many managers: I have several different departments I have to directly or indirectly report to. I feel like we have more managers who hold meetings than employees who actually can get things done. -Too many meetings: I regularly have days with 5 hours of meetings, and they ask me why I have trouble getting things done with two days notice.

Advice to Management

-Compensate your employees and value the work they do. -Need consistent company culture -Do the hard work of figuring out the strategy for the business and communicate that with transparency.

-Tuition reimbursement: Got my masters through GE

29 May 2018

Reviewed by: Program Manager in United States (Current Employee)

1 English review out of 1