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12 June 2019

How is the office food at Pabst?


Free snacks and free beer. Free merchandise occasionally.


Biggest fear-based culture I’ve been a part of. This place is a sinking ship. 4 layoffs with many more people getting fired since 2015. Sr Mgmt has changed over so frequently, and there is a lot of back stabbing as they each claw their way to the top. If you are looking for a place where you will either get fired or laid off this is the ideal place for you. They claim to be all about “people and culture” but that is a outright lie. Sr Management doesn’t care about people at all. Many bad decisions made by the leadership team and their business is struggling. They only want people under the age of 40 working for them as “many in the company are too old.” They underpay compared to the market.

Advice to Management

Stand behind your values and truly live them. They are more than words on paper. Just sell the company and move on.

Free snacks and free beer.

12 June 2019

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1 English question out of 1