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RailYatri Career Development FAQ

Read what RailYatri employees think about career development at the company. Employees have questions about everything from promotions and mentoring to job security.

RailYatri has a career opportunities rating of 2.7.

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1 September 2022

What is the feeling of job security at RailYatri?


A few of the pros are, - Timely salary (don't know about recent trends) - Recreation (Pool and TT tables. But mind you, you'll raise few eyebrows) - Friday snacks (if this matters to you)


When I joined here, seemed like a good place to work, but soon everything went downhill and people started leaving the company left and right, and then the majority were fired during Covid. No job security, there was one poor chap who was asked to leave the office that very day. If you are a favourite of one of the senior guys/managers, no one can touch you. But if you are the type of person who comes into the office, stays quiet, doesn't show off, completes your work, and leaves on time, then this place is not for you. Biasness, regionalism, and favouritism ride high here. You will get peanuts in increments if you have not buttered your superiors, even peanut is an exaggeration here. Enough has been said about others in a few other reviews, today let me expose this lady here. Now, this person is biased to the core, and will back favourites even if they are incompetent. But if you are one who has not gained liking then you will be discriminated. Also, I don't understand the work domain of such few senior fellows here, all they do is draw fat salaries. They boast about the no-leave policy as this is something positive. Dude, it's not. A clear-cut leave policy allows a person to take leaves without hesitation. All these people will count is the no. of leave you have taken, not the duration. For e.g. if there is a person who takes bi-yearly leaves of 2-3 weeks each, s/he won't draw scrutiny, but if you take 1 leave/month for 6 months then you will be told you are taking too many leaves, what a joke! You will be asked to work almost all weekends, without any compensation or comp-offs. Upon showing discontent, the lady has a template answer for you - this is a start-up, and this is how the work culture is in a start-up. I'm pretty sure this lady has no idea whatsoever about how a start-up functions. There are many other cons, please go through the other reviews. In short, please avoid this company.

Advice to Management

My advice, please get rid of the few senior useless persons. Also, please get rid of the favouritism and biasness going around in your company.

No job security, there was one poor chap who was asked to leave the office that very day.

1 September 2022

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19 March 2022

How do employees feel about their professional development opportunities at RailYatri?


I joined RailYatri after my MBA. From the day I've joined, I've been learning and I would say it's a 360 degree development. I was almost a fresher in my current domain but after 1 year I have not just learnt but even leading one of the divisions in my domain. The management is very supportive and the culture here is so accommodating. You have access to connect with any of the leadership team and if you have hunger to grow then you're welcome here.


Quite often I find myself having difficulty in balancing work and life.

From the day I've joined, I've been learning and I would say it's a 360 degree development.

19 March 2022

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2 English Questions out of 2

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