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SMA Compensation FAQ

Read what SMA employees think about their compensation at the company.

SMA has a compensation and benefits rating of 4.1. If you want to know how much SMA employees make, head to their Salaries page to see a list of salaries per occupation, along with bonuses.

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Career Development

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14 May 2021

What is the salary like at SMA?


None that I know of.


The interview process was very in-depth and required me to create a detailed profile of projects I worked on in the past. Altogether it took about 40 hours of my time. I was offered a job as a contract employee at an impressive salary. I was told they would only pay me for jobs I was assigned to. I went through the on-boarding process and attended new employee orientation and weekly staff meetings. It's been 2 years since they offered me the job, and not once have they given me a contract to work on. I've expressed interest in working on particular projects and explained how my experience would be beneficial. But I never got a single job. They pursued me for this job and I was excited initially, but now I just wonder why they wasted my time.

Advice to Management

Don't hire people as contractors if their experience doesn't match your typical projects. Don't send someone an offer letter and put them through orientation etc. if you have no intention to ever give them paying work.

I was offered a job as a contract employee at an impressive salary.

14 May 2021

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