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What is it like working with clients or customers at Saia LTL Freight?

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23 March 2019


The operations staff and drivers are some of the best in the industry. The staff members you will work with are amazing, supportive, and helpful. The pay is competitive and their customers are awesome.


The worst sales management team I have encountered in my entire career. There is a strong culture of fear created by someone in charge of the West Coast. The treatment reps recieve on a weekly basis is inconsistent, unfair, and at times abusive by the woman he promoted in this region. Her lack of proper training and formal education shows in how she treats her team. The manager she hired is equally as condescending and inept. Because he has zero sales or LTL experience, he manages by sitting at a computer all day analyzing reports and looking for reasons to fire people. This 1950’s management style is not working and only results in reps leaving or hating their jobs. I am amazed human resources has not conducted any exit interviews with reps when they leave or noticed the insane amount of turnover since she took over. You can expect to be given unrealistic goals (which will be raised to unattainable levels once you hit them) and copious amounts of time consuming paperwork and micromanagement tasks. You are required to complete these meaningless tasks which take time away from your ability to sell, thus making goal attainment next to impossible. You will be given tasks by her and then criticized when you complete them. She tells you to do something one way on Monday and by Friday it has changed. It is unfortunate, but the culture has completely changed in the past years to that of a toxic swamp where the turnover rate is the only thing higher than employee dissatisfaction.

Advice to Management

A complete overhaul of upper level management needs to occur before any change will be made. Saia prides itself on being a family, but does not treat their employees as such. There is a reason mid level managers and sales reps continually leave. If you want to be successful in the future, you need to replace the man in charge of the West Coast with someone who will not bully the staff below him and will instead bring professionalism and support to the team. It is a shame that such a great company has turned into this.

The pay is competitive and their customers are awesome.

23 March 2019

Reviewed by: Account Executive in United States (Former Employee)

1 English review out of 1