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25 April 2020

How are senior leaders perceived at Strata Decision Technology?


If you want to get great work experience at a professional tech company, this is the place. More than one former developer at Strata has gone on to found their own successful companies in Silicon Valley. They hire young talent and give them more responsibility than you would typically get starting off somewhere else. In my opinion, the experience you get here is the most valuable thing you can get from working at Strata. I also thought they paid pretty well. You work hard but they do compensate you for it. I haven’t been paid better anywhere else in my career. And it is nice to work at a place that is helping healthcare. Makes you feel good about your job at the end of the day.


The biggest drawback is that there isn’t always clear leadership, and on top of that there’s a constant crush of projects. So you are always getting the message “we need to get this giant project done, now!” But, it’s hard to know what “this” and “done” mean, because nobody has clearly defined the project. There aren’t a whole lot of great managers at this place. It can be very stressful at times and you will probably have to work some long hours. Another thing is that the company culture can be a bit much. This boils down to Dan (CEO) being a type-A personality and not understanding that some people need downtime. I got tired of being forced to participate in every dumb company event they had (Halloween dress-ups, mandatory volunteering, field day type events), pretend to be having a great time, and on top of that, do my job and take care of the rest of my life. But if you’re a 20-something and you are outgoing and like “having fun,” you might enjoy the culture more than I did.

Advice to Management

Can you chill with the company events? People are already working very hard and some of them get burnt out by having to do all this extra. Other than that, decent job.

There aren’t a whole lot of great managers at this place.

25 April 2020

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