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WPWeb Infotech Compensation FAQ

Read what WPWeb Infotech employees think about their compensation at the company.

WPWeb Infotech has a compensation and benefits rating of 4.1. If you want to know how much WPWeb Infotech employees make, head to their Salaries page to see a list of salaries per occupation, along with bonuses.

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24 May 2022

What is the salary like at WPWeb Infotech?


- Work life balance exists and is great. - On time salary. - Good career opportunities. - Learning a lot everyday. - Great Working Environment. - Regular employee engagement activities and team building activities. - Employees are appreciated regularly for their work.


You should not choose this company if you’re looking for a relaxed work environment.

On time salary.

24 May 2022

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10 May 2022

What are pay raises like at WPWeb Infotech?


- Company provides regular communication, listen to and consider new ideas, and continually encouraging growth, both personally and professionally. - Management consider all employees problem in any situations. - Environment at office is really lightening with natural light concept, feel energetic throughout the day. - Culture is conducive to creating friends and mentors with lots of opportunities to get involved based on your interests. - This is a place you can call as your second home, where you can live, laugh, learn and earn. Many employees have been here a long time which allows deep integration into the business and the ability to create pathways to success for others. - Company gives good appraisal compare to other companies in the market. - Surprise gifts and appreciations programs motivates us to work dedicatedly. - Thoughtful leadership inspires us to do work with utmost perfection whether working for client projects or for in-house projects. - Regular meetings and co-ordination with team helps me to understand company's goals and requirements easily.


Not a single company is perfect and there are always plus and minus points are there. But when we are growing, it's important to not get hung up on what's wrong but focus on what is happening that is right and the progress in actions (not just words) that support that. With this growth is an opportunity to define the future and the role you play in it.

Advice to Management

Continue empowering growth in your employees via professional development and solid projects. Appreciate all the hard work and genuine care for your teams and groups.

Company gives good appraisal compare to other companies in the market.

10 May 2022

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