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Work Life Balance

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25 November 2018

What is the company culture like at WhatCulture?


I can’t think of a single pro. Working here for any period of time is genuinely going to make you depressed.


I worked a long stint at WhatCulture over several years, and all I can say is that the experience was hellish from start to finish. There are a number of reasons for this, but really it’s all to do with Matt Holmes, the immensely ill-qualified Editor-in-Chief who runs this company with absolutely no respect for any of his employees. Matt is the sort of person who will declare his allegiance to you one day and then fire you the next. He is a user who literally sucks the life out of his employees and creates a work atmosphere built on anxiety and his own random whims. He has little knowledge regarding the subject matter and no writing skills, and yet he lords over his employees as though they are worthless and dispensable. The worst thing about Matt, though, is his relentless passive-aggressiveness, coupled with his outright refusal to promote himself on social media or reveal himself in person. He is clearly a man who knows that his reputation is downright terrible, and has no choice but to operate via computer screens and Skype conversations as a result. It is incredibly frustrating that this company has been met with such huge financial rewards. Working under Matt made me genuinely depressed; I had no idea where I stood or what I was doing at any given time. I spent years worrying about what he might say to me next, or when he’d “suggest” a new, poorly-devised work scheme in place of a previous arrangement we’d agreed upon, leaving me no choice but to accept. I still haven’t recovered from this experience and it has negatively affected my work life. I’m downright sure that the other, better staff members over at WhatCulture know that Matt is both unqualified for his post and is an all-round terrible manager, but have no choice but to humour him or face the guillotine. It’s sad. He is the work equivalent of a gaslighter - I’m so ashamed that my years of hard work have since served me no favours career-wise, but have made him tons of money. This may sound like a personal rant, but search around the internet and you will find a dozen similar tales of Holmes’ treachery, deceit and shady practices. It was these accounts that inspired me to come forward with my own story. I just hope that he gets his cumuppance in the end.

Advice to Management

Hire a professional to manage the company; Matt Holmes should take a back seat, or disappear entirely.

He is a user who literally sucks the life out of his employees and creates a work atmosphere built on anxiety and his own random whims.

25 November 2018

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