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1 June 2023


1. The higher management lacks knowledge in QS, yet they interfere with QS industry practices. 2. Individuals lacking professional ethics. 3. Collectively Zyeta teamwork is Weak 4. The higher management does not take responsibility for errors. Instead the blame the hard worked team. It's purely HM impotency. 5. A highly profitable company that uses low-budget materials. They don't deliver product on time and the quality is not up to standard. Their key intention to make money. Only they can make money not the vendors. 6. They fail to grasp the distinction between a D&B Contractor and themselves. 7. Design errors are never questioned, even if they result in million-dollar losses, while the QS is always blamed for cost impacts caused by design changes. 8. They rely on India Mart and Amazon as cost references. Isn't that absurd? I have experienced it. 9. They fail to pay their vendors. 10. Despite being in the industry for 15 years, they can no longer be considered a startup. They have not established standard operating procedures (SOPs), and even if they have, the management does not adhere to them. 11. They terminate employees at will, often giving only a maximum notice period of 2 hours or so.


1. There are few hand picked good designer 2. They don't pay vendors but they pay their employees. 3. Higher management is good to those who just have mere communication skills with no technical skills. Technicalities never been their first choice. They want project they make too much false promises to handle. Yeah it is a cons because technical qualification never matters.

Advice to Management

Looks it pros and cons.

They terminate employees at will, often giving only a maximum notice period of 2 hours or so.

1 June 2023

Reviewed by: QS-Manager in Bengaluru (Current Employee)

1 English review out of 1

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