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eMeasurematics has a Senior Management rating of 3.1, and Mudrad Guhya, the CEO of eMeasurematics, has an approval rating of 49% across the organisation.

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24 March 2021

How are senior leaders perceived at eMeasurematics?


- Work location? - Possibly a resume builder if you are fresh out of school?


Everything.: the silliest "tech" company I have ever seen. They say they are "new" and "innovative" but the only thing new is them to creating reliable software. - Completely disorganized business wise. - No future or planning roadmaps of any kind. - No meeting agendas. Everyone rambles about un-related topics past every stopping point. - No software requirements or automated testing of any kind after 10 years in business.....everything is a hack and you will work non-stop to fix it (including weekends) to probably make another hack. - No delivery process at all. - Kindergarden deadlines based off of the team's gut "feeling". - They are "behind" on every delivery and will require you to work incessantly. - 100% employee turnover..... I think 6 people in 2020 in an office of 6. - They will offer remote work but a "crisis" will pop up every week and "require" you to come in week after week after week. - Ancient J2EE app server/messaging tech stack. - Mountains of technical debt. - Dozens of dead projects in the repos. - The code logic itself is all over the place from years of company disarray. Looks like a leadership team trying to make a quick million to fund life in Belize, not run a real business.

Advice to Management

Either pony up and hire onshore software delivery staff (software manager, software lead, scrum master) or just give up on the technology business and mine BitCoin.

Looks like a leadership team trying to make a quick million to fund life in Belize, not run a real business.

24 March 2021

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