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Consultant/Lead Consultant Project Management Interview Bengaluru

1) Experience on Data center services ( Co-location

 , Managed hosting services, Cloud ) 2) major projects are on Storage, Virtualization and Migration ( if in MH portfolio) , If in Cloud Portfolio then major projects will be ( virtualization, Storage, Racking stacking in DC , Data migration from legacy to cloud) Heavy use of UCS, HP - DL38 and DL580 server , EMC 500 ,600 Storage SAN. 3) -Tell me about yourself ( don't forget to add experience on data-center ) - some question on People Management -Some question on handling virtual team handling. -How you mange risk, issue and communication in a project -how you will manage frequent Scope creep and high management interference in project - do you have some experience in Process improvement - do you have any experience in CoE ( center of excellence). -Expect some questions on how you handle a type of project, what was your major challenges, what you did good and what went against you. 4) will you fire some of you project team members ? 5) how to handle project engineer who is a contractor and don't listen to you( no response on IM, Phone calls, Meeting invites) 6) if you are hired and you realize that these are not the projects you expect to work in Verizon.

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