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Quality Engineering Lead Interview Bengaluru

1000bulbs to be shipped. Should all be tested or not


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What has logistic do with you not being selected? Stop rant and focus on clearing interviews. Please post valuable feedback and not your failure as grudges.

Anonymous on 25-Aug-2018

Have been on the other side interviewing technical, since 7+years. And in a better place now than in such a company

Anonymous on 26-Aug-2018

What has a technical interview got to do with
should all bulbs being shipped to be tested or not?Get yourself basic tech interview training before interviewing someone.

Anonymous on 26-Aug-2018

Better go and do deeper research about it's losses and work culture set.

Anonymous on 26-Aug-2018

all bulbs should tested for basic functionality; but for longevity testing, light intensity, voltage fluctuation an 5% sample inspection is appropriate.

If failure rate is in sample inspection sample size need to increased and more randomness

Mahesh on 01-Dec-2018

Get Suresh also to answer

Ramesh on 11-Jan-2019

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