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Software Developer Interview Madurai

Aptitude questions were from the topics like Discounts

 , Profit or loss, Boats and streams, Work ,Pipes,Finding X and Y, Numbers, Ratio and Proportion. And all the programming questions were only from C language.

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Interview Candidate on 20-Aug-2017

Hy bro Result came ah ?

Anonymous on 21-Aug-2017

I also attended the interview that was quite easy....result came or not...i didn't get any mail....anyone received mail or call..

Lakshmi on 21-Aug-2017

Programming questions from c...

Anonymous on 21-Aug-2017

These were the questions we faced on round 1. You are supposed to predict the output for the given program...
1. preprocessor some thing like #define sqt(x) x*x main(){ i=64/sqt(4)}
2. various form of array notation like s[ i ], *(s+i), *(i+s), i[s]
3. based on increment operation on pointer. eg. char *s="asdf"; s++; print s++; print s;
4. string.h based ques. eg. char s1[]="asdfasdf",s2; strncpy(s2,s1,3);
5. print char array from n th position to 0. ie. consider previous ques s1[] now just print char from s1[8] to s1[0] using for loop.
6. switch statement with no break except in default statement, enclosed within a for loop, some thing like the below one
   int i=1;
   for (i=1;i<20;i++)
   case 1: i+=2;
   case 2: i+=3;
   case 3; i+=4;
   default: i+=5;
   printf ("%d",i);
7. nested function with a static int variable. it has 2 return statement in it one executed on a condition.
8. print sizeof(++i + ++i) considering i as a int of size 2bytes, as sizeof() will perform no arithmetic operation in it, it just print 2.
9. struct base question which as some thing like struct{ int a1:1; int a2:2} and it goes on something like that...
10. bitwice operation performed on int.. i dont remember the question but the result ended up as 1,1,0

Anonymous on 21-Aug-2017

If results came please share...

Anonymous on 22-Aug-2017

Hy what will be the qualifying mark ? Any guesses ?

Anonymous on 22-Aug-2017

Did any one of you got any updates for the drive held on 20th Aug 2017 at Madurai Velammal Engg Coll ?

If so, please share here..

Arun on 23-Aug-2017

Guys result is out.

Sibi on 25-Aug-2017

when is round 2..?

Anonymous on 25-Aug-2017

Someone, named Sibi had said result was out. Is it true? Did anyone receive email communication reg further rounds based on performance ?

Arun Vikram on 27-Aug-2017

Yeah its true 29th 2nd round

Sibi on 28-Aug-2017

Is the results out or not

Bharath on 28-Aug-2017

yes, but i got mail 2day only and the 2nd round is on september 1st

Anonymous on 29-Aug-2017

Ok guys :-) Thank you Sibi and all others who had intimated us about the selection. Do well in the next round. It is a very good company.Do your best and leave the rest.

Anonymous on 30-Aug-2017

Can you navigate the test window during online test-round 1?

Anonymous on 18-Oct-2017

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