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Data Center Facilities Technician (Engineer) Interview



As I have signed confidentiality agreement I cant share interview questions. But it was pure technical interviews and very interesting. You have to be strong professional in your occupation to get an offer.

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I have answered most of the questions, but that was not enough to get an offer. I know which questions I gave wrong answers, because I checked after and improved my Knowledge Base. It is very fair interview process.

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I attended Google data centre interview recently. The questions were purely application oriented and they testing your expertise in the field. I don't want to reveal the questions but everything is behavioral based. When you are in this situation how u face. They asked me nearly 15 questions. 8 from AHU problem faced daily by HVAC engineer. 3 questions from chiller. 1 from cooling tower, 2 from fire escape and pre actuated pipe. 1 from water treatment. All these questions were purely experienced based and this one cannot be answered other than the expertise who opened the chiller and AHU unit. Not even 1 question in basics, all questions are higher end.

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Can you share what ability(ex HVAC eletrical...)be need in this position. I mean they listed a lots of qualification but what is most important?

What ability do you thought in this position on

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