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Business case on a company which is struggling on declining sales and are already exhausted with all possible options available to them or they could think of

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1. If not done so yet, chart sales vs. time. Analyze what happened when things started to decline: compare the chart with business intelligence from similar industries/competitors. Compare if market share is being lost to " someone" or market share is being lost equally among all. If market share lost equally among all, then this indicates a secular shift in whatever market they are so time to evaluate business model/value proposition. If market we lost gained by "someone" then evaluate value proposition for "value issues" meaning quality, cost, performance, etc. If no main findings here, evaluate for personnel issues (bad teamwork, HR changes, policy changes, etc.). BTW, all of this can be done in parallel, making the best use of time as possible. JSR:.

Jaime Santiago on


What could be your advice around the next steps ...i.e if you conclude there is no way sales could be improved ...what would be the strategy on next steps

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