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Difference between Risk and Issues in Project Management


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Risk is something you anticipate in Project whereas Issue is something that is already happened in Project

Interview Candidate on 16-Sep-2011

had the same question during IBM internal interview

Anonymous on 14-Jan-2012

? Issue- potential to impact – have a plan to mitigate. (Is a "Known")
? Risk – We can devise plans to mitigate but no expected ETA.(several unknowns)- Also Risk can become an opportunity

Vidhya on 11-Apr-2012

Risk is something that can happen in..coz of some problems and the issue is something created due to these risk..

ruqhia on 27-Jul-2012

Risk is the challenging attitude of a duty in human mind. Issue is the after effect and man made attitude against duty.

Sudheer on 23-Aug-2012

Risk events are identified in advance, it may or may not happen. Once a Risk gets realized, it has a potential to become an issue.

Ray on 25-Apr-2013

Risk is something that can happen in future while issue is a current event, something that has already happened. Risk may or may not occur but issue is a problem that has already occurred.
Issues tend to need a more reactive responses while Risks require proactive planning.
Risk can be predictable and will be preventable. But if there is an issue, its cause of bad planning and execution.

Amit on 22-Aug-2013

Risks can be anticipated in advance by careful analysis of dependency factors or limitations.
where as issues are already known problems.

Anonymous on 24-Sep-2015

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