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-Gurgaon, Haryana, Haryana


GD topic was normal phone vs smart phone three girls were there in our group one among the three was able to speak one and half line and she was fumbling and rest two were not able to make a sentence and from boys side me and one person nailed the topic because topic was very easy.


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three persons were good enough to speak on the topic i and two guys now comes the chutyapa he didn't announce my name among the selected ones, the other candidates looked at me and they were shocked . i was laughing i told the person give me feedback he looked at me and lowered his gaze and said we don't give feedback i thought he will said didn't i announce ur name because i thought he may have not mistakenly announce my name . He was looking more like a drunkard i took his reaction otherwise i though i am from kashmir and i am Muslim that is the reason he didn't shortlist me

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