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Given a string, find whether it has any permutation of

  another string. Need to be efficient

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isnt it enough if we find out whether the characters in the second string is present in the first? (also the number of times each character appears).?

Anonymous on 27-Feb-2013

The characters need to be consecutive. For example, if the second string is "abc", we need to find out whether the first string has one of the following: "abc" , "acb" , "bac" , "bca" , "cab" or "cba"

Anonymous on 27-Feb-2013

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public boolean test(String main, String sub){ char[] a = main.toCharArray(); char[] b = sub.toCharArray(); char[] c = sub.toCharArray(); Arrays.sort(b); for(int i = 0; i<a.length-b.length+1; i++){ int k=i; for(int j=0; j<b.length; j++){ c[j] = a[k++]; } Arrays.sort(c); if(Arrays.equals(b,c)) return true; } return false; }

Rachana Koneru on 07-Mar-2013

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