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Assistant Manager Interview Gurgaon, Haryana

How will you convince people if they say no, we dont need

  your relatives or friends account. We need solid business.

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I will never be bogged down by a no, will persistently go after people potential clients and cold calls. Ultimately its all about acquiring clients for bank ad making a name for your self. We are a great brand I have trust in my product thatits as good as comprtition rather better, and with my tenacity and persistence I will surely get new meaningful business.

Interview Candidate on 05-Dec-2012


lokesh dhakar on 14-Dec-2012

customer does't know the person who are selling to the product or brand, he /she may or may not be aware about the product or brand. First thing which we need to do is to make sure the customer's awareness about the product and brand . Then after we should find out the need of the customer and compatibility of the product. always trying to pull marketing to sell your product not push marketing, which can be negative factor to loose your customer. next and the closing point of the deal is to convince the customer about the future requirements and even then customer is not satisfy then we can assure to the customer that every future which we plan to fix-up, is not because of we have enough money or extra money, we just save money for the future. that is the last thing we can use to convince the customer and close the deal.

Kundan Shekhawat on 17-Dec-2012

i will give awareness to d people on that particular wrk nd moulded them by my confidence on that particular wrk

surya on 25-Dec-2012

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