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How will you deal with your juniors of you caught them fighting ?

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I'm trying to figure out the cause of the problem and solve it

emad shiba on


I told firstly i ll try to solve the issue at my end. If it wont work then i ll take the support of my seniors.

Anonymous on


Initially, I'll allow them to have a heated argument and I shall be very attentive to their words; this will allow me to get to know the reason behind the conflict . At the same time I'll be careful that they do not abuse each other physically,in which case I'll have to interfere.Once i get to know the reason behind the conflict I'll try to solve it with prudence and geniality. ( The details of conflict management is beyond the scope of this limited space.)

Dr S P Mitra, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha on


Will stop them at once. Call them to my cabin to talk in front of me and if they are ok will help them to resolve the issue.

Akankshaa Raawat on


Will talk to them first & understand the reason for fight.

Anonymous on

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