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Product Manager Interview Hyderabad

How would you estimate the number of seniors in India who

  use gmail?

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population of india: 1.2 bil
approx seniors in india: 100 mil
internet reach in india: 10%
this leaves about 10 mil seniors with internet access.
gmail reach in india: close to 70%
would give the answer as 7 million gmail users

tushar on 25-Jan-2012

Defining seniors as people above 55yrs
1.2 bn people in India.
India has one of the highest proportion of working age population. So I assume about 30% of the above population to be above 55 = 360mn.
The rural-urban ratio is about 60-40, which leaves about 200mn rural and 160mn urban.
Safe to assume that there are practically zero seniors from rural areas on gmail due to lack of education, internet penetration, power etc.

That leaves about 160mn in urban areas. Breaking this up into tier1 and tier 2,3,4, tier1 cities would have 40% of the seniors and 60% in tier 2,3,4, ie, 60mn in tier 1 and 100 mn in tier 2,3,4

The internet penetration should be about 40% in tier 1 cities and 10% in tier 2,3,4 cities. This leads to about 24mn seniors with internet access in tier 1 cities and about 10 mn in tier 2,3,4 cities. Assuming an adoption rate of 20% in tier-1 and 10% in tier 2,3,4, it leads to about 4.8mn in tier-1 and 1mn in tier 2,3,4. So in all about 6mn gmail accounts by people over 55 in India.

sreeram on 05-Nov-2012

Not everyone has gmail account, google launched in 1998 and in 2017 it's reach in India is about 35%,
Out of which 30% are youth , so 5% of 1 billion people

Anonymous on 10-Jun-2017

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