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If u are running at 10km/hr and anothet person is running

  st 20km/hr then in which round u both will be at same point

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Anubhav on 11-May-2013

4 is wrong answer to this question. Its answer for next question. Posted here by mistake

Anubhav on 11-May-2013

No matter what size track they run on, they will meet at the starting line every two laps.

Brandon on 31-Aug-2013

With slower person's perspective, they will meet at starting point each round. Person running 10 km/hr, will complete one round, while the other person will complete two round during same time.

Saffron on 25-Sep-2014

You are assuming that the track is exactly 1KM in length. Most tracks are not that, what are they 440?

TOM on 26-Dec-2014

Yes, with reference to the slower runner, they'll meet every round and with reference to the faster runner, they'll meet every alternate round.

Ops Guy on 12-Mar-2015

There is not enough infomation here. You really do need to know the length of the track to determine future meeting points.

Slomoshn on 10-Aug-2015

every round for the slower runner.

Anonymous on 22-Sep-2015

at the end of second round (w.r.t to the person with 20km/hr speed).

Anonymous on 17-Feb-2016

From 20kmph perspective Every alternative round they will meet at starting point , From 10kmph perspective every round they will meet at starting point.

Anonymous on 11-Jun-2016

2nd round

Anonymous on 26-Apr-2017

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