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Graduate Engineer Trainee Interview(Student Candidate) Mumbai

If you had 26 hours in your day , how would you spend those

  additional two hours.

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The two additional hours i would spend in reading, working out(gym, sports), and travelling over weekend.

Interview Candidate on 24-Jun-2012

in sleeping

Anonymous on 27-Jun-2012

i would like to spent in work.

anish on 30-Jun-2012

i am try to concentrate my mind in spirituality to gain peace and concentration so that i can work better tommorrow...

anonymous on 03-Jul-2012

I would work for additional two hours for you,as you gave me those two hours.

Anonymous on 06-Apr-2016

sorry,the question is right but 24hrs is universal truth so con't change timings from 24 to 26 hrs.

srinivasulu on 03-May-2016

If i had 26 hours in a day then i would spend those additional two hours in sleeping

Anonymous on 26-May-2018

If 26hrs, initially I try to add on 13 and 14 letters in my home clock.

Anonymous on 08-Jul-2018

Spend in gym or sports

Anonymous on 20-Dec-2018

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