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If you host a celebrity website which displays ads and

  suddenly notice a drop in traffic to your site/clicks on ads, how do you root cause the issue?

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Key factors to consider - Fans' profiles, celebrity's profile, profession, products advertized, and macro issues. Drill down on each level to extract potential issues relating to the drop.

Vkris on 21-Apr-2010

1. is the trend all across the site and for all ads?
if yes, factors would be content, look & feel of the site, ease of navigation, introduction of new features on the site
if no, then every page has to be looked into individually on the above mentioned factors. also compare with those pages which still get more clicks(usually the landing page)
2. is the fan base constant?
customization of the site to let the users decide what kind of ads they would like to see

tushar on 25-Jan-2012

A/B testing with Web optimizer.

GV on 29-May-2014

First check whether all ads and site is working fine or not. If it's all good then for site, check the least performing channel from where traffic is comparatively low. Check why particular channel has lower traffic.
Next for ads, identify which ad's contribution to traffic is lower than usual. Check it's position, visibility. Identify the source of problem to fix it.

Anonymous on 05-Dec-2014

Check multiple things
1. Is there any patch applied by us recently which is giving a bad user experience
2. Is it a phenomenon across other sites too or only this specific celebrity?
3. Any statements or negative news?
4. Any new celebrity making headlines and so captured all attention
5. Any problems with our web server access or hosting...etc
6. Celebrity profile. User profile , geography....etc
7. Any changes in ad algorithms which might have given unrelated ads..
8. Website performance or latency metrics

Anonymous on 23-Nov-2016

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