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If you were scanning a customers' groceries and something scanned as $19.99, then the customer insisted the product was $17.99, what would you do?

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trust the customer and give it to them for 17.99

Allie on


the answer is you apologize and give them the 17.99, because they say you have to take the word of the customer. they show you in a video they play for you while you are waiting for your interview

Anonymous on


Give it on the spot

Anonymous on


Try to verify price by contacting someone in that department. Otherwise give it to them for the 17.99 and then later check to see why they thought this..maybe it was signed incorrectly or just not in the system.

Anonymous on


I would try verifying the price either by a visual check, asking a fellow employee, or asking the customer where they found it. (Interviewer admitted this was not applicable to the job I was interviewing for)

Anonymous on

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