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Imagine you work on a team with an individual or in a negative culture, how would you address the issues with this individual or team?

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If you look online, Google wants you to to use a system called CFAS which stands for Clarify, Framework, Assumptions and Solutions. Clarify meaning push the interviewer to provide greater details on the question. You want to know if this is an issue across the whole org, or just with you? Has this been going on for a long time or was it something that recently surfaced and perhaps was triggered by something like COVID? List can go on based on what you think sounds appropriate. Then go to Framework - discuss how you will establish strong goals, look at past data to see if you can find ways to improve the problem. Champion stakeholders, etc. Then Assumptions - Assume it's an issue with everyone and that attempts in the past were made to resolve the issue but failed. Why did they fail? Solutions - self explanatory, create a mini action plan, provide incentives if things improve, recap and write up and be transparent around corrective action, etc. Good luck! ;-)

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