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Is it important to you to be friends with your students?

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This is a TRAP! The answer is NO. Exemple : "I have a very good relationship with my student and it is based on mutual respect. I represent the authority in the classroom. This does not mean that I can't listen to them, or communicate, give them advices and be accessible. But establishing friendship with my student would cross the line, and I would not do that".

Nikko on


There is a difference between being "friends" and being "friendly". I strive to be friendly to all people at all times and I believe this attitude helps build rapport between students and their teachers; however, I do not believe it is appropriate to establish friendships between students and teachers.

Anonymous on


this answer sounds terrific. just wondering if it would add any value by stretching the reason for this clear distinction in terms of why this distinction is so important. any comments from HR specialists???

shibaji sengupta on

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