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Probability of a knight making a valid move on NxN matrix

  in m steps.

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Guess what , I got almost the same question on my first interview with Google , and I was applying as a new college grad ....i also can up with a DP solution with O(64m) ....
btw can you provide the link to the solution you came across ...??

mohan on 21-Feb-2012

@mohan: I don't have a link to solution, its something I worked out on a piece of paper.

vijay on 22-Feb-2012

I think you thinking a bit too complicatedly.
A knight on a chess board only has 8 legal moves. and if it is anywhere closer than being atleast 2 boxes from the border it will be less than 8. just take a input of all the pieces on the NxN matrix. check these 8 positions and calculate the probability

Aditya on 09-Jun-2012

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