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Q. Tell me something about your self? Q. Customer service or security why? Q. Important of customer service in airline. Q. Why did you leave your previous company? Q. Why do you want to work in an airline? Q. Are you comfortable working in shifts? Q. Are you okay to be transferred to any other location where Indigo operates? Q. What do you know about Indigo?


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Smile is the main key. As much as you are tired waiting for your turn. The interviewer is tired interviewing for so many candidates. So make sure you smile when you enter and dont let the frustration show in your face. Wish the interviewer and ask them how they are with a big smile on your face. Q1.- My name is..., .. years old. I'm from..... I've completed my graduation from... In year. After. Importing my graduation I worked as ... For one year. And then ... And I joined ... Company as .... Where I worked for 2 years. But after working for such a long perio and after having so many experience I don't see myself growing which is why resigned from my work and now looking for an opportunity to start my career with your company as position for which you are applying for. 2.customer service because I myself I came from customer service background and I feel good speaking with different person assisting them with their need. It just make me feel good resolving their queries. It makes me feel satisfied. 3. Not only in airlines but in all the other companies, customer service has become very important in today's world. Customer service agent are the one point of contact for the customer to reach out to the company. They are like the face of the company. And it is very important to keep the customer feel satisfied. If the customer are satisfied they will stick with the company, and they will also share the goodness with other which will attract others towards the company. 4. Reason why you left the job if you had. 5. Everyone have different reason. Just tell them why you want to work in airlines, something positive about working g in airlines and so on . 6&7. Totally upto you. 8. Do some research about the company. As you want to work with the company, they want to make sure you know something or the other about the company. The more you speak about the company, the better will be the chance to impress the interviewer.

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Any call yet?

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Did you got the call . I am also waiting from 5 days now given the interview on 20sep

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Got selected ?

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Selected and have been working for 6 months.

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How long they took to inform ??

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