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Remove all characters of a string from another string. The algorithm should be less than O(m*n) where m & n are lengths of strings and the space used should be less than O(m+n).


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I have written a program using Hashmap and StringBuilder.

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An efficient solution to the problem can done using simple pattern matching. A sample solution goes as follows : public class SampleMain { /** * @param args */ public static void main(String[] args) { String charStream = "ABABCBABABABABABATGBHacbfoabcbahasacbJKOPLMNBGDESRABADACAJALAMNBADDHEMSZPQ"; String noise = "ABCPQR"; System.out.println("CharStream : " + charStream + "\n" + "Noise : " + noise + "\n" + "FliteredCharStream : " + func(charStream, noise)); } private static String func(String charStream, String noise) { String regex = "[" + noise.toLowerCase() + noise.toUpperCase() + "]"; Pattern p = Pattern.compile(regex); Matcher m = p.matcher(charStream); return m.replaceAll(""); } }

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import java.util.Arrays; public class Solution{ public static void main(String[] args){ System.out.println(remove("as","asasfsg")); } public static String remove(String s1, String s2){ boolean[] flags = new boolean[255]; char[] a1 = s1.toCharArray(); char[] a2 = s2.toCharArray(); String str = ""; Arrays.fill(flags,false); for(int i=0; i=a1.length && i

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