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Quality Lead, Retail - Pricing Analytics & Operations Interview Bengaluru

Suppose that 10% of the products sold online were

  incorrectly priced. What could be a possible solution to this problem and detail out the approach you'll follow.

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It depends upon the situation,in both the cases what could we do is if cost of the product were priced higher than what expected than we can simply requested to the customer that next perches item by them will be adjusted accordingly and visa versa if cost is less...

Rohit Mishra on 13-Dec-2012

I guessed that they were looking for a preventive approach as a solution. So I told them that there are two things that can be done. One is to perform an external benchmarking with the direct competitor on similar product portfolios. This will involve a detailed analysis on how they are able to sell the same product at a better price value. A possible hypothesis is that the competitor has a larger pricing band owing to the number of suppliers in his kitty.

Second thing is to attract customers by giving out offers and discounts. I atleast thought this answer went well them :-)

Sadiq on 14-Dec-2012

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