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There were other opportunities at Citizens that I was

  interested in, but I was unsure how to proceed because of the uncertainty surrounding the first position. On the one hand, I didn't want to upset the hiring process for the first position - if it were still in play - but on the other hand, I didn't want to let an opportunity slip by, which would have been bad for both me and the Citizens. Further complicating matters, I didn't know the underlying reason why they were suddenly not interested in filling the first position - and whether that reason could also impact the other positions.

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I see a lot of comments on here about how they contact you and are hot on the role they are interested in you for and suddenly go silent. I went back and forth with them for 10 months on an Agile Transformation role being heir top candidate . 3 recruiters later, they took the responsibility away from the hiring manager on the Agile team and decided to go contract with the role at an entry level rate for a Scrum Master and put it in he PM bucket. The VP of PM is a guy I interviewed with at CVS that told me he did not want to hire a woman with "kid issues" because he wanted to maximize his velocity and "kid issues" were a disrupting factor. He also told me I did not have enough grey hair and was expecting someone older and surely because I looked younger than my age, I embellished my record. So in short, it is not you, it is them. They keep you waiting, stand you up for interviews, hire inept and uncertified talent and get hung up on stupid and illegal details. Everyone goes along with it as they are getting paid. Very unprofessional. I won't ever consider another role again. Hiring done wrong. The VP of HR is the one that stood me up. If they want "Transformation" they should look at their dead weight in HR and other departments and stop recycling people from other companies that never leave Rhode Island.

Very slow to hire, sexist, petty and cheap. on 02-Jan-2019

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