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They will give a scenario - for example: If a customer calls in, and you cannot get a response to their answer for another 3-4 hours. What do you tell the customer?

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It is always poor customer service to ask a customer to call back. So, I would explain to the customer WHY I cannot get an answer for them right away. Then, I would ask for their name and number and call them back once I had the answer. Before hanging up with them, I would let them know the approximate time of my call back. If for some reason I still don't have an answer at that time, I would give them a courtesy call to let them know I am still working on it, but I do not have the answer yet.

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I just have one comment regarding the answer above from the interviewee on 1/25/16. I totally agree that what he stated is EXACTLY what one should give as an answer to assure the customer that YOU will not forget to call and YOU will follow up when the customer is available. Great answer.

Diane Adkins on

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