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Project Manager Interview Mumbai

This question about count the number of white Maruti cars

  in the city is a very common question with this HOD. It is asked during all interviews irrespective of levels.

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There is no clear answer, basically they are judging you on your thought process.

Interview Candidate on 12-Jun-2013

may i know what u answered??

akash on 21-Jun-2013

my answer was "i am a Govt. official, so i have the rights to access Maruti dB through which i will get the exact number" ...... they then changed the questn :D
which was "how will u find d exact number of maruti cars (white) in a place.....this includes migrants too"
i answered "satellite imagery may help :D "
he was like " :O "

pravin on 19-Feb-2014

I am Govt. Official and know how many cars are registered in the city, and how many are leaving and entering the city through checkpost, toll gates etc. Other answer could be, I would ask all the workshops to submit the data of white maurti cars, every car in a year would go through workshop atleast once.

Raghu on 29-Dec-2016

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