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This question about count the number of white Maruti cars in the city is a very common question with this HOD. It is asked during all interviews irrespective of levels.

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may i know what u answered??

akash on


my answer was "i am a Govt. official, so i have the rights to access Maruti dB through which i will get the exact number" ...... they then changed the questn :D which was "how will u find d exact number of maruti cars (white) in a place.....this includes migrants too" i answered "satellite imagery may help :D " he was like " :O "

pravin on


I am Govt. Official and know how many cars are registered in the city, and how many are leaving and entering the city through checkpost, toll gates etc. Other answer could be, I would ask all the workshops to submit the data of white maurti cars, every car in a year would go through workshop atleast once.

Raghu on


This is impossible to know without having the access of related database . The same could be available with Maruti itself or the Transport Deptt. which may have records for all white Maruti registered or entered into the city

Rohit on


There is no clear answer, basically they are judging you on your thought process.

Anonymous on

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