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WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? You were supposed to be here at 3.

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I was left alone in a conference room for 30 minutes and was here at 2:55pm.

Anonymous on


I don't know who posted this, but she obviously was not called back and is bitter about it. I worked for FP for close to 8 years, and the last 4 years I was there I did not interview candidates. Only one assistant from 2008 until I left in 2011 interviewed the first rounds, and then on to the COO and Partners. There were no rude assistants when I was there, and this would just never happen. It doesn't matter if you were "referred" by a friend. If you don't have the skill set or personality fit for the team, you're not going to be asked back.

EA at FP on


Just because you know Shawn (the receptionist), you thought you had the job. You were a TEMP at the firm for 2 months, and then put on your resume you actually were full time with FP for 2 yrs. You're a liar and quite clearly want to damage the firm.

This must be Kelly Dixon posting this nasty comment... on

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