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What do you do when a team stops working on the product and

  is only working on innovations and not listening to the needs of our customers and the business?

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I think the best way to answer this question is by asking a counter-question as to why do you feel that the innovations that team is not working on is not by listening to the customers. This is because it is not necessary that an innovative solution cannot be to a problem that the customer is currently facing and that the problem may very well be valuable enough to be solved both from customer and business perspective. If there is an answer to that question, dig more to understand the facts and figures. Once you are convinced that indeed there is a disconnect between what the team is doing and what customers and business need, then ask whether has this analysis in terms of facts and figures been presented to the team. Also by team, who is it presented to? What is the structure and culture of the team, is it top-driven? If it has been presented, what has been the feedback from the team? Has the feedback been answered or accommodated. Collaboration is a two-way process. Even after all facts and figures discussed and apprehensions accommodated, still it is not going the right way and the customers and business is suffering. Try to identify the stakeholders that can drive this. Is it possible to reach the stakeholders, if not why? If its about large companies with well-established top-driven culture, I would then tell them that I would get my ideas heard to the level I can reach. Unfortunately, there are things above my pay-grade which I cannot influence. However, I would give it my best shot. However, I will stay connected to the customer needs and business needs and make small incremental efforts to drive the change if its a culture problem.

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